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Customer Reviews

Jack Taylor
Senior VP of Sales
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β€œThis is your unapologetic wake-up call. It doesn't coddle; it smashes through excuses and liberates you from the abyss of addiction. It did it for me, and I became not just a good father, but an exceptional one. The transformation is a revelation, and it's not for the timid. If you're ready to wage war on addiction and become the father your children deserve, this ebook is your ultimate weapon. It's fierce, it's relentless, and it's the key to a future filled with promise.”
David Stinton
Regional VP , ADP Payroll Solutions
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β€œThis ebook is nothing short of a college course on rocketing your career from a sales rep to the VP of Sales. It's not just the best book I've ever bought; it's the secret weapon I wish I had years ago. The knowledge and strategies within propelled me to the top of my field. I've gone from closing deals to orchestrating sales teams and strategy with finesse. It's a masterclass that combines the best of experience and innovation. If you're serious about your career, this ebook is the express elevator to your VP office.”
Sara Ramirez
Senior Sales Manager, At&t
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β€œThis book is a seismic force of change. In just two years, it catapulted me from homelessness to a $3 million home. Paid for in full. Just thinking about it makes me emotional. It's nothing short of miraculous. If you're ready to rewrite your story, this is the playbook you need. Unbelievably powerful!”
Javier Sanchez
President , Lanscapes Plus
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" Must BUY, MUST BUY ! This is a serious mentor. I was panhandling and he gave me a chance. Gave me the book for free. Mr. Cagle if you actually read the lives you have touched and these reviews. I made it because of you and your book. I made it. I started my landscaping business 4 years ago with zero money. He told me just sell and then buy the equipment. He was right ! Today, I have 19 employees and do about $8,000,000 in sales. I can afford to pay for your book now. "
Hanah Blevins
District Manager, Carmax
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" This book is a treasure chest of untapped potential. It's not just a book; it's a guide to discovering the hidden opportunities in life. Reading it was like unearthing a gold mine – full of life-altering insights. I've witnessed my life take a thrilling turn as I harnessed the wisdom within these pages. If you're looking to unlock your dormant potential and seize the life you've always desired, this ebook is the ultimate key. It's illuminating, eye-opening, and a game-changer in every sense. Don't miss out on the transformation it can offer! "
David Keller
Franchisee , Wendy's
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"Life-changing wisdom that uncovers your true potential. A must-read for all."
John Marshallson
Car Sales Rep, Nashville, TN
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"An exceptional guide to success and transformation. Highly recommended for everyone."
Joe Brown
Chef, Brown's BBQ
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"Inspiring, practical, and transformative. A blueprint for achieving your loftiest dreams."
Darren O'Malley
VP of Sales , LittleRock Distillery
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"An immersive journey to unlock your true potential, blending storytelling, psychology, and actionable strategies. This book is a beacon to embrace personal growth and navigate life's complexities with resilience and purpose."
Dana Freman
Host, Las Vegas, NV
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I loved the book. But it was really intense with all of the facts and strategies. I love to read but this author is on another level. Who writes a 40 page book and sells it for $30? Was a lot to handle.
Steve Freymiller
CEO, Protection Plus
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" Met the author at a Click Funnels convention and he was a featured speaker. He made the first $50 Million in 6 months with the company. They hired him to train others. Has trained about 3,000 people with them to achieve over $2 Million in annual sales online. Impressive book good sir. "

Ditch the excuses, embrace the grind, and blaze your path to a six-figure empire. No shortcuts, just hustle and drive.

For far too long, you’ve been bombarded with voices telling you what can’t be done, how the impossible is just that – impossible. It’s time to call them out on their lie.

Take a moment to observe the struggles of those around you – the uphill battle to pay rent, bills, car payments, daycare, and put food on the table. It’s an unfair, unforgiving world, but it’s not your destiny.

Hidden within you is a wellspring of untapped power, a potential that’s been waiting to break free. You have the potential to transform into something extraordinary, something the naysayers can’t even fathom – a Monster.

I’ll be your guide, providing you with the essential tools: sales know-how, lead generation skills, relationship building expertise, psychological insights, and a relentless drive that will push you to your limits and beyond.

The journey starts here with this E-Book, but it doesn’t end there. You’ll emerge from it stronger, more passionate, and fully in control of your own destiny. No more excuses – it’s time to grind. 

Ask yourself, do you want to win as badly as you want to breathe?

Let’s start the transformation.

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